Virgin Mary Arabic Church

10th Sunday after Holy Cross

Bulletin -10 as15th Sunday After Cross

Fathers for Tenth Sunday After Holy Cross

Reading of 10th Sunday after Cross

THE BISHOP’S APPEAL: The annual Bishop’s Appeal is an important way in which our parish fulfills its duty to our larger Melkite family throughout the U.S.  Our Father and Shepherd, Bishop Nicholas asks every Melkite household in the U.S. to give at least $100-$200 each year to support our Eparchy in America. By contributing to the Appeal, each of us responds to Christ’s call to support our Church and helps fund its vital works, such as: publishing SOPHIA magazine; establishing new missions and outreaches; supporting our seminarians for the Priesthood and Diaconate; providing for our elderly priests; educating our children and young adults, and 10% is tithed to our unfortunate and persecuted brother and sisters. It is the holy obligation of every member of our parish respond to his call.  Please send your gift today. .  Extra Appeal donation slips are available in the narthex.

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